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M-2 and M-4

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The M-4 Tenasi


The M-4 arrived safely, yesterday. Ordered on Friday, October 1st, delivered on Monday, October 4th.

It is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!

Frank, United States

These knives are fantastic. I liked them so much I got one of each. Couldn’t be more pleased!!

Dallas, McDonald, TN

Excellent product for a very reasonable price! Cannot be beaten!

Daniel, Charleston, TN

Very sharp right out the box. The included band-aid has not been needed so far. Overall, a great knife.

James, United States

Ordered the M-2 on Sunday and received it on Tuesday. Loved the include bandaid. So did all my friends.

Philip, United States

I couldn't believe how sharp it was right out of the box. Sharp enough to shave! Fit and finish is excellent.

Ben, United States

Wonderful experience.

Michael, United States

This knife is great! Feels really good!

Jeffery, United States

Best knife I’ve ever owned. I carry it every day.

Paul, Tennessee